The Sports Jacket
The Sports Jacket
It seems that fewer and fewer men wear suits to work, but everyone still judges you by your appearance.In a business casual office, the sport coat will give you a dignified, trustworthy look without appearing out of place.You can even hang it on your chair for most of the day, donning it to attend a meeting or go out to lunch.
Self-employed men know especially how important it is to make a good first impression, and the sport coat is a sure way to do that.Whether you are an accountant, IT technician, or piano tuner, this brilliantly versatile jacket will elevate you in your clients’ eyes whatever you wear it with (well, almost).
If you’re not going to wear a suit, there’s simply no better way to dress respectably.Thanks to both its stylish and practical versatility, the sport coat is the uniform of choice for men whose jobs take them from office to construction site, loading dock, or factory floor.
While the hallowed suit-and-tie look can appear out of place outside the business district these days, the sport coat can go anywhere.Teachers, independent retailers, and professional counselors find it a boon to the friendly, while distinguished presentation their vocations invite.For play clothes, the rules are a little different but the basic idea is the same: you want to look good without standing out.
The omnipresence of the jacket with collar and lapels across all sorts of men’s clothing is no accident: this configuration is aesthetically pleasing whether in a tailcoat or a safari jacket.
The sport coat brings the concept to a garment that’s comfortable and easy going, perfect for the work place or the weekend.


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